We first covered Chicago-based producer VAGUE001 last year, praising his colorful production style. What we didn't cover, however, is that he shares part of his namesake with two other like-minded producers. Not only is there a VAGUE001, but there's a VAGUE002 and VAGUE003, too. They all release their own music and they've each got their own distinctive approach to production, too. They even share a profile on SoundCloud called VAGUE000, where they post throwaways.

While 001's music tends to be on the more colorful and vibrant side, 002 adds a considerable heft to his productions, and 003 keeps things a little more on the serene and atmospheric side of things. With the release of 002's new EP, Pure Sport, he's proudly showcasing it is about his production that hits so hard. Swinging like a pendulum, there's a hypnotic quality to all the beats here. Kicking off the EP with a remix of Jay ZPure Sport is a heavy EP that makes the most of its brief running time. 

Listen to the premiere of the Pure Sport EP below, and download it here.