Even though you’re done with unwrapping gifts, there are still plenty of presents in our final list of the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now. These carefully selected and collected recordings will compliment the kick in your eggnog and should help get you ready for whatever 2017 may bring. We've got a Madlib special, music from Paul Devro's Christmas mix, Soul Clap slowing things down to a sexy tempo, hip-hop from DJ Vadim, bass from Alix Perez and Eprom (as Shades), and more mixes that sound good no matter what time of year it is.

Glacci: ZuluWarrior Guest Mix

Winter will mean sub zero temperatures for many which makes this mix—filled with some frosty grime from Glacci—suitable listening for the season. “Tons of new stuff in here from me and my friends,” he added on Facebook. Expect large amounts of bass/goosebumps.

Paul Devro: 'A Very Decent Christmas' Mix for Nest HQ

Sure, a merry Christmas is all well and good, but many of you would agree a Mad Decent Christmas is better. The label’s mainstay introduced the mix, premiered via Nest HQ, explaining, “I’m not sure what stands out, definitely a bit of everything in here that I’m currently feeling...I tried to add some Christmas songs but not so much that it will be an ear bleed after December 25th. The first song definitely is Christmafied, so I put it at the beginning. Skip that for January through November future listening.”

Žiga Murko: Madlib Mix

Madlib is responsible for some truly outstanding hip-hop productions to date, so to honor his body of work, Slovenian producer/DJ Žiga Murko made the following mix. Forty minutes of nothing but Madlib. Marvellous.

NOT YOUR GIRLFRIEND: Guest Mix for Thump

Running at 54 minutes, and featuring 32 tracks that span pretty much every continent, "this mix reflects the dystopian sentiment that swept us in 2016, and how artists have responded with ever-darker sounds and motifs.” So, expect Beyoncé to blend with folks like Battles, and a barrage of other unconventional mash-ups.

Soul Clap: Zenify Music Mix #18

Slowing things down a touch from their regular tempo, disco outfit Soul Clap served up a divine selection of laid back funk records for Zenify. “This is a relaxing mix of some of our slower favorites of this year and beyond, but it really has two personalities. The first half focuses on the R&B/funk side of things, with mostly vocal emotional/political tracks to make you think and feel. The second half focuses on meditation, as we dive into the Balearic ocean with instrumental drum grooves. But, of course we had to finish with some uplifting Afro-disco. Happy holidays, and remember: slow and sexy wins the race.”

Ketiov: Half-awake or Half-asleep Mix for Honey Soundsystem

You’ve just eaten half a turkey, you’ve talked to all your relatives, and all you want to do is to lay back and do almost nothing. But sitting in silence is silly. Cue this calming mix from Ketiov, which works nicely when paired with a comfortable chair and a pair of slippers.

DJ Vadim: '90s vs. 2000s Hip-Hop Mixtape

Demonstrating his personal preferences, see which tracks made the cut on DJ Vadim’s adversarial/awesome collection of classic hip-hop jams from the ‘90s and the ‘00s. “I wanted to do a mix highlighting some of my favourite rappers but not just ‘90s because there have been many dope newcomers too.”

Linden Jay: Mix for Earmilk

Ahead of the release of his debut album in 2017, this mix by London’s Linden Jay is just the thing for anyone seeking a strong collection of modern day R&B, with a solid 33.3% of the music included made by the man himself. Kudos!

Girl Unit: Radar Radio Mix

Philip Gamble aka Girl Unit gave us good reason to bring him back to the fold for this Best New Mixes list, with a scorcher of a mix being served up for Radar Radio in the middle of December. Expect unseasonably warm riddims.

Shades (Alix Perez & Eprom): Mix for The Mix Up on Triple J

Joining forces on a mix for Australian radio station Triple J, Alix Perex and Eprom put together a taster for their forthcoming shows that really packs a punch. “Looking forward to playing some of these bits out in Australia and New Zealand at the end of the month”. Be sure to get tickets for the show if you’re in the area/your eardrums are still intact.