We've been waiting on this one.

Slim K of OG Ron C's Chopstars crew has impressed us with "chopped not slopped"​ versions of Chance The Rapper's Coloring Book, The Weeknd's mixtapes, and many more slowed-down projects over the years. Now, the Houston native has worked his magic on Frank Ocean's Blonde (our favorite album of the year).

We asked Slim K why he wanted to give Blonde the chopped and screwed treatment, and he told us, "It wasn't much about the actual project of Blonde, but more about Frank's voice when slowed down that makes the people enjoy his music chopped up. I personally wanted to chop the album to give the fans what they've been requesting during the holiday season!" He also revealed that his personal favorite is "Close To You."

Slowing Frank's already chilled-out album down a few more notches, Purple is a truly mesmerizing listen. His pitched-up vocals on songs like "Nights" are leveled out over woozy submerged backdrops, making for a soothing project that you might want to keep in mind when you finally lose patience with your weird family this holiday weekend. Dive in below.