We've had Hare Squead's "Herside Story" on repeat since the addicting, genre-bending song first came across our radar last week. Now, they've liberated another single, "Loco," which finds the Dublin trio in a comparatively unhinged, wild state of mind.

Holding on to bits and pieces of the catchy, melodic flavor we heard on "Herside Story" and "Long Way To Go," they unleash an edgier side on an unrestrained hook that's been whipping crowds into a frenzy for months. Wedging that visceral rock-inspired hook between rap verses and mixing in overall pop appeal, it's a welcomed addition to their (so far) flawless catalog. As a bonus, they've shared a raw Hugh Mulhern-directed clip filmed in Dublin to accompany the track. Check it out above and listen to the EP below.