For anyone who has been a fan of Tyler, The Creator since the days of his Bastard album, inappropriate lyrics with a punch line are nothing new. To be honest, in the past seven years not much has changed. Tyler still manages to work quick wit into his lyrics but it is clear to hear how much more polished his music is today.

Reddit users on the popular Hip-Hop Heads thread recently came across Tyler's original MySpace page with features six unreleased songs. The page is listed under the name "I Smell Panties" and features a display photo of Tyler with a wig tucked under his hat. The comical content and unpolished production feel like a quick walk down memory lane for old Odd Future fans. Tyler has come a very long way in his career in these few short years but it's very easy to see the amount of growth that has occurred. 

The six songs on the page are from 2008, a year before Tyler shared his debut project Bastard. While a majority of the songs feature humorous lyrics, tracks like "Lisa" and "Lilo Fucks Stitch" are prime examples of the beginning stages of Tyler's wordplay and production skills.

Take a quick walk down memory lane with a visit to Tyler's old MySpace page.