It hasn't been all that long since Kevin Abstract dropped his stellar album American Boyfriend, but he's already back making new music with his band Brockhampton. After releasing their debut mixtape as a group last year with All-American Trash, the group are already planning on releasing its follow-up. With Joba, Matt Champion, and more all promising projects later this year, too, it's looking like 2017 is going to be a good year for Brockhampton fans.

With our first taste of the new project, "Cannon," Brockhampton have offered us a lot to get excited about. Featuring verses from Kevin, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennonAmeer Vann, and a gorgeous outro from Bearface, "Cannon" is a delightful showcase of what makes Brockhampton such a well-rounded and exciting group. Everyone pulls their weight across the track, promising a lot for their second project, due sometime later this year.

The Kevin Abstract-directed video for the track is just as mesmerizing, too. Despite its minimal setup, the video does a lot with its two takes. The beginning is hypnotic with its constant movement, but things get intense as the track reaches its outro, breathing more energy into the visuals and abandoning its static nature.

Watch the video for "Cannon" above, and check out the original teaser video below.