One of our favorite new artists of the year and No Ceilings alum Kamaiyah ended 2016 on a high note by sharing a high-energy new video for her song "Freaky Freaks." The track is one of the standouts from her excellent debut mixtape, A Good Night in the Ghetto, which established the Oakland MC as one of the most compelling new voices in hip-hop. 2016 was a pivotal year for Kamaiyah, and her undeniable talent is sure to catapult her further into the spotlight in 2017. She already has big plans for the new year, tweeting that her goal is to work with Nicki Minaj before 2017 ends.

In her new music video, she performs on stage in a luxurious silk bathrobe while a pajama party is in full swing around her. Balloons are tossed around the room as the audience dances joyously. The RedWallStudios-directed clip features throwback imagery, transporting viewers back to the '90s. The clip perfectly captures the energy of Kurupt's classic song "We Can Freak It," which she samples in "Freaky Freaks."

Watch the vibrant clip above.