Late last year, members of The Internet revealed that they each had plans to release solo projects this year. In December, Syd announced that she would be first up and shared that her upcoming solo album—now titled Fin—was officially completed. Today Syd finally shares her first single "All About Me."

To accompany her brand new single, Syd delivers a video to match. The new single, produced by fellow band member Steve Lacy, is a bit darker than The Internet's sound. Syd admitted months ago that her music would have a much more pop and mainstream focus, specifically in the lyrical structure and its production. That description feels clearer now that we get to hear "All About Me."

Though the bass-heavy single is titled "All About Me," the lyrics are actually about keeping a tight circle around her. In the chorus she sings: "Take care of the family that you came with," continuing to say that she keeps her squad around her. In most cases, a solo album usually leads to the demise of a band. However, Syd's lyrics and cameos from the rest of The Internet and Odd Future in her new video show they're all sticking together.

Watch the video above.