Earlier this month, Khalid shared the heartfelt "Shot Down" from his forthcoming albumĀ American Teen, and now he's back with the glossy title track. Ahead of the album's fast-aproachingĀ March 3 release date, "American Teen" offers another tantalizing indication of what's to come with the full album. Despite his young age, Khalid is committed to showing his immense songwriting talents and knack for a throwback sound.

Like "Shot Down" before it, "American Teen" is a sleek piece of pop that proves why Khalid is set to be a star. If the rest of the album can match what we've heard from it so far, then Khalid is definitely going to make a mark with his debut. We've put our bets on him being one of the breakout artists of 2017, and "American Teen" is a perfect example of why that is.

Listen to "American Teen" below and check out our interview with Khalid here.