Thundercat's new album Drunk is due out this Friday. Ahead of its release, Thundercat shared two new singles "Show You The Way" and "Friend Zone"—two incredibly smooth songs landing on the complete opposite ends of the love spectrum. Days before the album's release, another single seems to have found its way onto the Hip-Hop Heads thread on Reddit.

Today we get to hear the results of Thundercat and Kendrick Lamar's latest collaboration "Walk On By." So far, everything we've heard from Drunk has showcased Thundercat putting his own modern twist on rather nostalgic, soulful production. "Walk On By" sounds as if it could have easily been released three decades ago, and yet there's a quality about it that still feels quite refreshing. Kendrick Lamar enters towards the end to deliver a verse that works to balance out the haziness of Thundercat's vocals and production.

Listen to "Walk On By" here.