If you follow Aminé on any social media platform, you're probably used to seeing random video clips of him yelling into his front-facing cell phone camera for no reason, but a 35-second upload of the Portland rapper eating Fruity Pebbles on Wednesday afternoon was a little more special than usual. It included a peek at what might be to come on his highly anticipated major label debut, in the form of an untitled song playing in the background.

Closer in tone to his melodic hit single "Caroline" than the bass-heavy new track "REDMERCEDES," this song plays on Aminé's ability to mix a sharp ear for melody with his unique, elastic flow. Throw in some Frank Ocean-esque vocal pitch changes, and you have an addicting snippet worth playing over and over (and writing an entire blog post about).

No word yet on whether this will actually end up on his album or not, but it does prove he has the tools to follow "Caroline" with more breezy, melodic magic.

Catch the snippet above and revisit some quality food-related Aminé content below as he shows us how to make banana bread.