A few weeks ago, former model and architect Anne Dereaux shared her debut single "mo(u)rning" and began her journey as a solo artist. With a sound similar to Banks and FKA twigs, she caught the attention of a lot of people. One of those people happened to be her idol, Rick Rubin. 

The day after the song premiered here on P&P, Rick Rubin reached out via email and within days she was hanging out with the legendary producer at his oasis, Shangri-La.

Anne told us a little about the encounter, stating, "To wake up to an email from Rick Rubin the day after your debut single comes out, is a dream I couldn't have dreamed. He had the most radiant spirit, and in all of his legendary greatness, was happy and excited to hear my story and listen to the songs I created over the past year in my closet. He listened intently, loved what he heard, and helped me think through how to improve a few of them. For the first time I'm excited to have homework. We also talked about how amazing his door jambs were; nerdy architecture vibes to top it off."

To celebrate the big moment, Anne Dereaux returned with the video to her debut single. Check out the soothing video at the top of the page.