It's incredibly difficult to pick Frank Ocean's best songs. In fact, it would be easier to have just left a link to his entire discography. But where's the fun in that? Without a doubt, the picks on this list will strike up a debate. However, the fact that choosing his best songs is such a trying task proves that Frank's music and songwriting ability moves people in different ways—leading each of us to have favorites of our own. This can't be said of everyone, but Frank is certainly an extraordinary talent.

Over the last few years, Frank has collaborated with the likes of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, and more. But his solo efforts continue to be the most impactful. Since he made his official debut as Frank Ocean on Nostalgia, Ultra in 2011, he has continued to release music that is not only worth the wait, but makes his fans beg for more. Four years after Channel Orange, Frank brought the music world to a stand still as he shared his visual album Endless and his latest album Blonde. We thought he might then disappear for years, but Ocean quickly returned on Calvin Harris' "Slide" and then his own surprise drop "Chanel."

With each release, Frank Ocean causes the world to halt for a moment as we all take the time to listen to the intricacy of his lyrics. His fondness for writing lyrics with double and deep-rooted meanings only add to the intrigue of his music. Frank's career has been fairly short so far, but his rapid and well-deserved rise to success has emphasized the power of his talent. 

With "Chanel" still in repeat, we picked our favorite Frank Ocean songs so far, capping the list at 17—the number of tracks on both Channel Orange and Blonde.