Cashmere Cat's new single is weird. After the drop, a collage of crazy sounds including muffled dog barks and breaking glass come together to form a bizarre backdrop for guest vocalists and SOPHIE. It's grown on me after first listen and despite all the strange sounds, it has its catchy moments—but it's undeniably weird.

Fortunately for us, the lyric video is just as strange—and filled with dogs. It seems Cashmere Cat isn't much different than the rest of us and has hundreds of random videos of his own dogs on his phone. Because that's the entirety of this video: random videos of Cashmere Cat's dogs. 

If your first thought after hearing the crazy drop on "9 (After Coachella)" was "wow, I bet this one's going to freak out people's pets when they play it too loud," this is immediate visual proof. Watch the lyric video above and stream the single on Spotify below.