New York City-based producer Hot Sugar has always been looking for new ways to innovate with his music, and his latest release, The Melody of Dust, is no different. Initially conceived as a virtual reality project with Viacom NEXT, The Melody of Dust premiered at SXSW. Thought of as a VR-first project, The Melody of Dust in its primary form features 87 songs produced by Hot Sugar.

Fortunately for those of us that can't experience The Melody of Dust as originally intended, Hot Sugar has released a more traditional album version featuring 13 of the songs from the VR experience. Ahead of the commercial release of the VR experience, which is due to come out soon on Steam, Hot Sugar has shared the album version of The Melody of Dust. As the follow-up to 2015's God's Hand, the album showcases his unique style. Focusing on gorgeous melodies and some very inventive percussion, The Melody of Dust is Hot Sugar at his best.

Listen to the full album below, and look out for the VR experience when it launches sometime in April.