As the old adage goes, less is more. Newfound collaborators Jack Dine and Will Fraker balance musings with missed opportunity on "My Way," an enigmatic mix of Dine's thick production and Will's wise writing that speaks to the chasm that so often divides what we need and what what we want.

As foggy as the impulses that drive (and derail) our decisions, this single makes a morose statement about our very nature without diving into somber depths. The song feels like an overcast breeze, not quite bright but warm to the ear—a sad summer song that arrived a few months early. 

The tandem represent upstart label Fête, an arts collective rooted in D.C. with far-reaching tentacles that touch cities within and beyond stateside borders. It was Fête that connected the two, who met in person for the first time to create this song. "Jack and I quickly realized that we had a similar vision and complimentary skills," Fraker tells us. "Mine being keys and vocals, his being production. The first time we met in person, we worked in his home studio and produced 'My Way' in a couple hours." Put simply, they quickly clicked. 

"Everything came together in a really special way," Dine remembers. "Will came in with the chords and the rest followed. He came up with the melody and recorded it without any headphones or anything [Laughs]. Those were the vocals we ended up using for the song."

For Will, "My Way" grapples with the dissonance passion and common sense breed. The track is a sign of things to come from Dine and Fraker, who are one-for-one. Listen to their collaboration below and let us know what you think.

will fracker on the keys
Will Fraker plays the piano