"My youth is the foundation of me, living life as an American teen," Khalid sings on the intro track of American Teen, setting the tone for the 19-year-old's debut album as he hopes to follow through on the promise of being one of 2017's breakout artists.

Adding a spark of youthful energy to the timeless soul-infused sound we first heard on his breakout hit "Location," Khalid sings songs about being a "young, dumb, broke high school kid" and "falling in love off of subtweets."

For the uninitiated, imagine the kind of music your parents' favorite soul singer would be making if they grew up with an iPhone in their pocket.

Just as comfortable singing over soaring synth leads on songs like "Young, Dumb & Broke" as he is settling into slow-grooving piano ballads like "Angels," Khalid's consistently striking vocals hold the album's diverse sonic influences together. Despite the youthful themes, it's easy to forget this voice is coming from a guy who will still have a need for a fake ID in 2019.

Listen to American Teen on Spotify and Apple Music below.