When we first heard Kidepo, he was 23 years old and just arriving in NYC when he caught our attention with his single "Reds." He didn't show us his face, didn't reveal much of anything actually, just a tweet and a link to the song. 

That was nearly three years ago and since then we have been waiting to see what he followed up with. Today we have our answer, "Water."

Explaining the record to us, Kidepo stated, "Water" is an odd one. When I started writing it, I was 21, in University, and only bothered to finish it to have something to play at a friend’s open mic. It’s been hovering over me for a while and I realized I was onto something (even though I didn’t know what at the time). It’s a melodramatic ode to being young and directionless. It’s aspirational in a way I’m typically not, but I think that must have been what I needed to hear. I still do need to hear that sometimes, and I hope that counts for something."

Things are different for Kidepo in 2017 as he's no longer taking the mysterious route and ready to show himself to the world. 

Check out "Water" below and take a look at the video for "One," another release from Kidepo that dropped last week.