Sometimes all it takes is the right look, the right voice, or even the right beat to make an artist pop. With OMB Peezy, there's a blend of all three.

The Alabama-born rapper now resides in the Bay Area and has already linked up with guys like Nef Da Pharoah and is signed to E-40's Sick Wid It Records. He's only 20 years old yet he carries the raw energy and intensity reminiscent of vets like Lil Boosie

Peezy's big moment came when he dropped his Drum Dummie-produced single "Lay Down." The record is full of aggression, witty wordplay, and features a second verse that may be the toughest of the year so far. "Lay Down" actually has the same instrumental from Lil Cray's single "Indicted," which is also incredible and serves as proof that this beat was destined to be a hit, and both Peezy and Lil Cray stepped up to the plate.

Check out "Lay Down" at the top of the page and our P&P Update on him below.