ROMANS is a British singer, songwriter, and producer who can do it all. Last year's "Prisoner" with Rejjie Snow was a smooth, garage-influenced track, then this year ROMANS came with the much harder "Love Is The Beast," featuring Avelino.

Today, we're sharing "Automatic," from a fully self-produced EP of the same name, and it shows off ROMANS pop songwriting chops. A wailing siren and vocal sample build atmosphere around his raw vocal performance, but things never get too busy.

“Being a massive Beatles fan, I’m aware that limitation is one of the best things about music—all those great records were made with only a few instruments and a few tracks on which to record those instruments," ROMANS explains. "The danger is, today, you can have as many tracks as you like. Simplicity and sparseness are hard to achieve.”

The Automatic EP is out now. Listen in full here and check out lead single "Happy Love" here.