SquidNice is one of those artists that can draw you in off of charisma alone. The NYC rapper hung out with us at SXSW and after he performed "Trap By My Lonely" we were completely sold. 

His voice is hypnotic, he has a knack for melodies, and he has the confidence you need to be a star in the game today. Today he's here with his new single "Nina" and it's just as catchy as "Trap By My Lonely." It's the latest offering from his mixtape The Craccen and he glides over the bouncy production with his signature drowsy flow.

"The meaning of 'Nina' can be interpreted differently," says Squid, "and has been heard in other rap music before referring to anything from a lil ho to a specific pistol. Looking forward to the new project good looking for the support."

Check out "Nina" below.

Watch SquidNice perform in our yard at SXSW below.