"Jazz Crimes" is the last track on The Last Artful, Dodgr's Bone Music album. It's a propulsive, cutting track that positions Dodgr's unique voice above a booming, one-note horn sample. "'Jazz Crimes' acts more as end credits to Bone Music," Dodgr said of the track. "It also gives a sneak peek into what my solo work sounds like—catchy af and undeniable."

Today, we're premiering the song's video. We join Dodgr and her Bone Music collaborator Neill Von Tally in a junkyard, abandoned cars stacked high behind them. It's a perfect match for the song's dark, eerie energy, and Dodgr turns in a crazy performance for the occasion. It starts with a rainy, late-night carjacking, and ends in celebration. 

"'Jazz Crimes' is the result of the journey taken in the album," Von Tally says. "The main character, having been through loss and betrayal while also committing betrayal herself, decides to take matters into her own hands."

Watch the Tiki-directed video above, and check out the video's prequel here