Last week, Thundercat released his third studio album, Drunk. The album, which has a song on it about really wanting to be a cat, featured a number of high-profile collaborations, with appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, and Wiz Khalifa among others. On the Japanese edition of the album, another big guest appears on the bonus track "Hi," which has a contribution from Mac Miller.

Now that the album is out, the Japan-exclusive Mac Miller-featuring track has surfaced online. The sleepy track definitely would have fit in right at the end of Drunk, with Mac Miller bringing a particularly spaced-out verse slathered in reverb. There's nothing quite as druggy sounding on the album as "Hi," which makes it a nice little bonus in addition to the rest of the album, which frequently toys with some very dumb but very enjoyable humor.

Listen to the bonus track below.