Last October, singer/songwriter Xavier Omär reintroduced himself with the release of his The Everlasting Wave EP. Many listeners may have already become familiar with him under the name SPZRKT, but after stepping away from that alias he seemingly shed a barrier that allowed his new music feel even more intimate than before.

Today, he returns with “Afraid”—the first track from his two-song digital release with Red Bull Sound Select—and puts his vulnerabilities on full display once again. The Bizness Boi-produced track creates a setting that feels safe and comforting enough to reveal one’s deepest thoughts. The lyrics strike a chord as he tells the tale of how our insecurities can often lead us to blocking our own blessings.

"The only reason many of us claim to be a savage or have no feelings is because we're really just scared to get hurt,” Xavier explains. “So we act and play but we're never fulfilled because we won't be honest with ourselves. This song is the beginning of honesty with myself."

Listen to “Afraid” below.