Experimental British producer Actress recently announced a new album, much to the surprise of his fans. When he released Ghettoville back in 2014, he heavily implied that it would be his last record, at least under the Actress name. Now he's back with AZD on Ninja Tune, and we couldn't be happier that he decided to keep going. Bringing along his signature static-infused atmospherics and rhythms, AZD is prime Actress.

Inspired by what it sounds like when a radio can't quite pick up a station, flickering between multiple channels and giving way to hidden melodies, AZD provides a stunning listen that goes from ambient one moment, to perfect for a club environment the next. It deserves to be played both out loud on some speakers, and listened to close on headphones. Actress continues to craft some of the most imaginative dance music around.

Listen to the album in full below.