Last month, sibling duo Blaq Tuxedo released their hard-hitting single “About It” to preview what listeners could expect to hear on their forthcoming project. At the beginning of April, the brothers hailing from Sacramento, California released their Tap In project alongside DJ Carisma. Now just a few weeks later, the two are back with more.

Today Blaq Tuxedo return to announce their forthcoming project titled Art By Accident. Ahead of the project’s May 26 release date, they offer up the first preview by sharing its lead single “Steeler.” Blaq Tuxedo has experience penning catchy singles for other notable artists and now they’re using that talent to deliver infectious singles of their own.

Using a clever football reference for the title, Blaq Tuxedo brag about their charm on “Steeler.” Dom describes the new single as “a great summertime feeling anthem.” While his brother Darius explains that the song came about naturally as they figure out the direction after coming up with a melody. “I think the hook matters the most because the heart of the song is the hook,” Darius admits. “Without the chorus you have nothing. With this particular song we started with the chorus. The verses are the easy part.”

Listen to “Steeler” below, and pre-order Art by Accident here.