Manila-based artist Eyedress has showcased his ability to adapt to numerous genres time and time again. With his upcoming album on Lex Records, Manila Ice, he's looking to flaunt this even further. Spanning multiple genres while still retaining his distinct sound, Manila Ice, which is due to release May 12, aims to be his strongest piece of work to date. His latest single is perhaps the most frantic and exciting preview of the upcoming album so far.

With a gorgeous guitar tone carrying the track, the reverb-soaked "Separation Anxiety" is addictive. The propulsive percussion refuses to slow-down for even a second, begging for the rest of the song to keep up. It's an exciting track that makes the best use of its time. It's easy to see this really going off in a live setting, getting people hyped in a remarkably short amount of time. For more from Eyedress, check out our recent feature highlighting rap from around the world here.

Listen to the premiere of "Separation Anxiety" below, and pre-order Manila Ice here.