Hip-hop isn't typically the first thing that comes to mind in discussions about hip-hop, but the city has a bubbling scene, and 20-year-old IshDARR has been carving out his own path for the past couple of years. He's been racking up plays online (check out his SoundCloud here), hitting stages across the country, and he even landed an acting role alongside Matthew McConaughey.

Next up is Four The Better, a new project that shows off his range and energy for all the new fans and continues his story for the day one followers.

"This EP is something I created with a few people while I was on tour the last few months with THEY.," IshDARR explains. "I wanted to put something out for fans at the end of it. For anyone who has been listening since the beginning, this is kinda like The Better Life 2, what got my journey started which is still in route and becoming better, and how I want people to find their path too. Look out for more dope content coming soon."