One of our favorite songs on Kemba's 2016 album Negus was a powerful track called "Greed." With cutting lines like "Preacher reaching where the tithes go / Pastor tweeting from an iPhone 6" and passionate delivery, it's a reminder of what makes the New York rapper so special. And today, the song gets appropriately intense visuals—which can be see above.

"I wanted to capture the energy of desperation, particularly how it feels for me, people like me and my homies," Kemba told NPR. "You see people that have an abundance in general, money and all the nice things. How much of that do you need? How much is that going to make you happy while we're starving?"

Make sure to catch Kemba live on the P&P No Ceilings tour (in progress right now). He's hitting 9 cities across North America with a few of P&P's other favorite up-and-comers—Boogie, Kaiydo, and Michael Christmas—plus special guests in each city. See if the tour is coming to a town near you here.

Let's all hope he ignores the advice Jinx gave him below.