Sometimes two artists meet and immediately click and that was the case with SquidNice and New Jersey rapper Malcolm Anthony. They met at a show and before you knew it they were locked in for two days straight on shrooms freestyling projects worth of music. 

Malcolm told us the story in an email, stating, "Squid's uncle went to school with my homie, who's also my DJ. I had a show in Denver and when Squid came out to perform we just instantly clicked. We never talked about music or doing a project, it just happened. We took shrooms, played some beats, and freestyled for a couple hours and his uncle told us to record it. We made like five records the first day. I canceled my flight the next day and we did the exact same thing. Some of the songs have no structure, it's just fun. We didn't give a fuck what we said or how we said it. 

His uncle and my DJ dubbed us the new Redman and Method Man because I'm from Jersey and he's from Staten Island. We fuck with that comparison heavy. We have another tape already done as well. Just non-stop work ever since we met."

"Chelsea" is the first offering from their upcoming project The First 48 and both rappers sound incredible. Squid has his signature drowsy flow and Malcolm's tone and clever lines add grit to the EffDope production. This is one of those tracks that gets stuck in your head whether you want it to or not and is just the beginning of what's to come from SquidNice and Malcolm Anthony.

Listen to the new record below.