Chicago rapper/producer grew up with a mother who was into Chicago's house music scene, a bass-playing father who loved funk, and a grandmother well-versed in blues. For Meech, though, it was Kanye West's Late Registration and Graduation that inspired him to pursue music. He was 15 when he started rapping, and now he's 23 and making good music is his one goal.

His new track "HBH" is a fun, charming song that is as relatable as it is catchy. Meech jumps comfortably between melodies and rapping, delivering a down-to-earth charisma that seems to come naturally for him. "I just want people to relate, not just to me, but to each other, and I think this song does just that," Meech explains. "We all go through it, you get a little shine and people suddenly love you. Now you got a song you can dance to when you send that 'hell naw' reply text."

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