After years of anticipation, Sampha finally released his debut album Process in February. Although it's a bit too early to expect anything new from Sampha after he shared his new album and its pairing short film, we find ourselves in luck anyhow. While most fans received a 10-track album, it appears Japanese fans were gifted with a special bonus on their version of the album.

A listing on Amazon's Japanese online market shows Process having 11 tracks. This tracklist doesn't show the name of the bonus tracks but Miss Info has pointed out that an online user has now uploaded the track to Soundcloud as two separate songs titled "In-Between and Overseas" and "Answer." The track titled "In-Between and Overseas" is a smooth piano ballad, while "Answer" seems to just be an instrumental track.

It's unclear whether or not these bonus tracks will be officially released for fans outside of Japan to enjoy, but for now you can listen to "In-Between and Overseas" and "Answer" via Soundcloud.