The term "SoundCloud rapper" is thrown around a lot today, but what does it even mean anymore? Artists like Yung Lean and Lil B have turned internet success into legitimate careers, and quasi-rappers like Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert have brought a genre-bending approach to the mainstream. So these days, when an artist with a unique approach and an internet following starts to take off, anything is possible.

For the three artists we're highlighting today—6 Dogs, Killy, and Oliver—it's still to be seen whether or not they can translate internet success into a career. Either way, right now the numbers are really impressive and all three artists are doing some interesting things. The music they're making is hard to even classify as hip-hop, but it shows just how far the genre has strayed from its roots. Watch the video above to get familiar, and listen to some music from 6 Dogs, Killy, and Oliver below.