The last time we heard from Anna of the North, she was sharing her single "Us"—a sweet record dedicated to lovers—during the heat of last summer. Now as summer approaches once again, Anna returns to carry on down this lane with a brand new single titled "Lovers."

After three years of impressive pop records, the Norwegian singer is finally ready to release her debut album Lovers on September 8. Ahead of the release, she shares the album's title track which works as a great preview of the album's theme. For her debut album, Anna focused on the ups and downs of relationship—with a heavy emphasis on the heartbreak one can experience.

The production for "Lovers" makes the single sound refreshing, but the depth of the single becomes clearer as Anna sings "I'm in the dark/ Show a little loving / Shine a little light on me." Though her sweet voice makes this single seem light-hearted, Anna is pleading for more compassion from her partner. Rather than making the production match the tone of the lyrics, the balance shows just how well Anna of the North understands the makings of a great pop record.

Listen to "Lovers," and view the album's tracklist below.

Lovers Tracklist:
1. Moving On
2. Someone
3. Lovers
4. Money
5. Always
6. Feels
7. Baby
8. Friends
9. Fire
10 All I Want