• Westside Parle

    Bronx rapper WE$TSIDE Parlé doesn't move like a lot of other young artists on the come-up. First of all, he's a rapper's rapper, and even though he works with melodies, there's a deliberate, sharp nature in he way he strings words together. It's a stark contrast to a lot of the more free-flowing, lackadaisical deliveries popular today, and it's part of what makes Parlé stand out. Nobody is going to accuse him of mumble rapping.

    Parlé may not have the overnight success of artists with radio-friendly tracks, meme-ready visuals, or flashy gimmicks, but he's an artist worth spending time with. The video for "Late Intro," featuring frequent collaborator 6ix7, is a good starting point. Hear more from WE$TSIDE Parlé on YouTube.