Dallas rapper Curtis Mayz put his own spin on Destiny's Child's "Jumpin' Jumpin'," but if you're expecting a poppy rap hit, you're in for a surprise. Instead, "5:38 AM" is ominous, hard-hitting, and fueled by tough times and a negative state of mind.

"This record is basically when trying to do the right thing meets frustration, impatience and paranoia," Mayz tells us. "Walking that straight and narrow path can easily be rerouted when your bank account balance is negative, the rent is due, and your child is outgrowing clothes as fast as they able to fit 'em. Shit is real out here."

"5:38 AM" is the lead single from Curtis Mayz' upcoming Triple Diziac EP, and you can listen below. Check out more Curtis Mayz music on SoundCloud.