Doctrine is a brand new collective from Los Angeles, and their debut track "Play" demands attention from the opening punch of manipulated vocals. The production is multi-layered throughout, and although there are times when the song sounds as if it's about to burst into a breezy pop anthem, there's something a little unsettling about the way the final product is constructed.

The song is conceptual, according to the press release, suggesting "a style of religious music, taking place in an imagined future in which fake news dominates and there's no longer any concept of facts. All the lyrics deal with mundane experiences and emotions in this post-reality reality."

"We really wanted to create something we'd never seen before, which had the complexity and beauty of classical choral music but the rhythm, drive, and clarity of an indie pop record," Doctrine adds. Listen to "Play" via SoundCloud or YouTube below.

Doctrine play this Saturday in L.A. More info and tickets here.