Cover art is more important than ever, and the same could be said for music videos. They might not be all over television like they were in the '90s, but a great video can launch a career, and if the internet fucks with your vision, the views will come.

Toronto rapper Killy released his video for "Killamonjaro" in February of 2017, and in less than two months he's racked up almost 150,000 views with very little coverage and a modest social media following (he's got less than 1,000 followers on Twitter). That's an impressive reach for a new artist without an established fan base, but one look at the video and it's easy to see why so many eyes are on him.

First of all, the song is good. It's a dark, intense production with Travis Scott vibes—Killy tells us Travis was a major influence—and engaging deliveries that don't sound recycled. But visually, Killy embodies youth with an eye for modern aesthetics and next-level style. It looks like hypebeast-meets-Blade, and it establishes a first impression that raises the obvious question: who is this kid?

Killy's SoundCloud page is proof that "Killamonjaro" isn't a fluke, and if he keeps it up we'll most likely be seeing a lot more of him on the internet soon. Watch the "Killamonjaro" video below.

If you like "Killamonjaro, check out Killy's "Stolen Identity" below: