KWAYE is a London-based, Zimbabwe-born artist who debuted with "Cool Kids" in March. The video is an explosion of color which pairs perfectly with the song's driving synth-pop, and today we have more new music from the rising artist. "Little Ones" is another sleek pop song with a slightly retro feel, but once you get past that huge hook and listen to the lyrics, you'll realize that KWAYE has a lot to say.

"In a world systemised through labels and categories, where we are defined by that which we are aligned to, the freedom to express what lies within becomes diminished by an abidance to expectations of normality," he explains. "We are not born with prejudice—it is learned. Little Ones encapsulates the binding nature of prejudice, and the boundless freedom expressed in the minds of children. It is about persevering and nurturing that innocence, and refusing to be denied of that freedom of expression."

KWAYE is the latest signing to the Mind of a Genius roster (THEY., ZHU, Gallant), and he's their first British artist. In fact, the story behind his signing is pretty great too. After moving to America to study African American studies and the music industry at UCLA, he played "Cool Kids" when he was in an Uber one day. The driver happened to know Mind of a Genius founder David Dann, who he subsequently shared the song with, and now we're here. 

Listen to "Little Ones" below, and check out the "Cool Kids" video, too.