Last month, I left a half hour conversation with 21-year-old Staten Island rapper Lou The Human with one thought: This kid doesn't give a fuck.

Rapping his ass off in a way that we don't usually hear from guys his age, Lou has a deranged sense of humor and lyrical style that's drawing comparisons to Eminem. And with an overall raw and rebellious attitude, it's tough to predict what he'll do at any given moment. So, when he dropped his third song this morning over the fucking Slim Jesus "Drill Time" beat, I can't say I was totally surprised. This kid really doesn't give a fuck.

Like "Brink" and "Macklemore" before it, this thing is all bars. We can't say we're mad at that "shout to pigeons, bitch I'm on the plane" line either.

"Shout out to God. Slim Buddha in this bitch," he tells me. "Humaniac coming real soon glllltttt."

Listen to "Slim Buddha" below and read our full interview here.