Mac DeMarco announced his third solo studio album earlier this year, and now the wait is finally over. This Old Dog, which contains the previously released singles "This Old Dog," "My Old Man," "On the Level," and "One More Love Song," is his smoothest sounding record to date. Working on the album while moving to Los Angeles, the recording process resulted in his most chilled-out, and prettiest full-length yet.

Toning down the more absurd aspects of his character, This Old Dog is slower paced than his last two albums, and that's saying something. Here, DeMarco is focusing more on his songwriting abilities, drawing things out a little more and getting a little weirder lyrically. When he premiered "On the Level" on Beats 1, he told Zane Lowe, "I sand a little softer, wrote some stranger lyrics than I would usually, I suppose. I just tried to keep it as sexy as I could."

There's definitely a sense of progression here, but fans of his previous output won't leave disappointed. Even if this is his most mature record to date, he's still pulling off goofy pranks on his bandmates, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Listen to This Old Dog via Spotify and Apple Music below.