Before 2016 came to a close, Run The Jewels returned with their highly-anticipated album Run The Jewels 3. Months later, the duo returned with a new gift for their fans. During one of their recent episodes of WRTJ on Beats 1 Radio, Killer Mike and El-P let fans hear the original version of "Panther Like a Panther" before they got Trina to hop on the chorus of the record.

Aside from missing the additional Trina vocals, the original demo version essentially sounds like an entirely different track as the production set up two different moods. The album version with Trina features fast-paced, almost jungle-like production that continues to build up as the track goes on. Whereas the demo version on the other hand features a heavier bassline and less additional effects that creates a grittier sound than the final version. However, both version are equally just as hard-hitting.

Listen to the demo and album version below.