I always wonder what kind of music guys like James Brown or Otis Redding would be making if they were still around.

Who knows, maybe they'd get really into fist-pumping EDM and end up hosting parties in Miami or something. But I have a feeling they'd be making something closer to the kind of stuff Seramic is putting out. Wrapping his soulful, passionate vocals around funk-inspired music with modern production techniques, the British artist has been impressing us since sharing a stunning debut single "People Say" back in 2015—and now he's back with an excellent new EP, I Got You.

Joined by funk legend Bootsy Collins on the project's second song, "Greg's Love," Seramic doesn't shy away from his 70s influences, but he isn't simply rehashing old sounds, either. This manages to feel fresh and timeless at the same time. Listen via SoundCloud below or find it on Spotify here.