"Ain't got shit to prove," 6lack sings on his new Singawd-produced single, "That Far."

Finding himself at an important crossroads following the release of his successful debut album, FREE 6LACK, the Atlanta singer takes a moment and prove we shouldn't worry about a sophomore slump. Singing to a love interest, "That Far" feels like a larger message to the industry (and a reminder to himself).

"Don't you ever hit my phone talkin' 'bout no competition," he sings. "And this ain't bein' cocky, I just never wanna listen / 'Cause I'm too busy focused on my own shit."

Taking another step into the dark, woozy world that he introduced us to on FREE 6LACK, "That Far" finds 6lack with his head down, avoiding the distractions that come with fame and success. Sonically, this would have fit nicely on his debut, with an added dose of confidence, lyrically. He takes what made FREE 6LACK so great and adds a layer of polish. It's hard to imagine anyone who loved that record not going crazy for this song as well.

Listen via Spotify and Apple Music below.