What a weird year 2017 is turning into. Internet rappers are morphing into stars and villains, genres are evolving so quickly that people stopped trying to name them, and Young Thug is yelling "yeehaw!"

Apart from the speed at which music is changing, the most mind-boggling thing about music in 2017 is how segmented it's become. We've still got big stars like Drake, Lorde, and DJ Khaled making music for the masses, but other artists are effectively finding their niches and realizing that success can be just as sweet when you cater to a modest but dedicated fan base. Morphing under pop, rock, and hip-hop, we're seeing little pockets of new styles develop, and each one has its own stars.

Predicting the future is harder than ever—anything can happen. One explosive moment can start a chain reaction, and the power of social media and connectivity adds oceans of fuel to the fire. And who's most connected? The youth. Fight against the kids all you want, but they're going to end up winning every time. Just try to keep up.