Last month, Dallas rapper Curtis Mayz surprised us by flipping Destiny's Child's "Jumpin" into a hard-hitting rap song with dark lyrical nuances.

"We all wanna survive," he says, giving us a look into his mindset. "And I'd like to think of myself as a good person, right? But sometimes, a good person may have to do some bad things to survive. In your heart you know it's fucked up. But at the same time, you gotta survive..."

Today, with the release of the song's Ciara Boniface-directed music video, he's able to dive further into the song's good-vs-evil themes.

"With the visual I wanted to portray the everyday struggle each of us have where we have to balance good with evil, we have to play mind games with ourselves sometimes to get certain results," he says. "In the video, the director does a great job in executing this struggle. As far as the aesthetics and vibe, we went after lighting & a feel similar to the classic Belly the movie, where this similar abstract challenge is prevalent throughout."

Watch the premiere of the video above and keep an eye out for his Triple Diziac EP.