Cheaper equipment, cell phones, and the internet have democratized the music video making process. We see so many video clips on the daily that it takes a lot to stand out, but Gila's video for "Pick Six" does just that. It's a gorgeous video, mixing computer generated landscapes and a person dancing, matching the track's blend of beauty and menace perfectly.

"For the video and album artwork I recruited the great Nic Hamilton," Gila explains. "When we ran into each other in London last year, my manager Joe Shabadu and I were keen on this idea of getting a Gila monster skull and casting it in a precious metal, and Nic liked the idea as well. A few months later he had cast many skulls in bronze and 3d scanned them for manipulation. They looked so amazing we knew they should be the focal point for all the visuals. Moving forward, Nic felt that the song required a more grandiose and surreal environment to compliment its energy, and Nic being Nic, he went above and beyond our imaginations."

Gila is a producer based in Denver who dropped the Genkidama EP on XL Recordings last year. His new EP, Pick Six, is being released via Deviation Records, the label of Benji B, who was an early supporter of Gila's music. Listen to the entire new EP on streaming services now and watch the "Pick Six" video below. Buy the EP here and look out for a physical release on June 23.