Kan Wakan makes widescreen music, songs that shape shift over their runtime, sailing smoothly through different worlds but remaining cohesive throughout. There are orchestral flourishes, psychedelic swirls, and SAIGO's delicate vocals on "No Line," a track that builds slowly to a momentous final movement.

Kan Wakan has worked with artists likes of Moses Sumney and Thundercat, and he scored the feature film Dead Draw, but his own project, an ambitious triple LP titled Phantasmagoria, is on the way.

"'No Line' is the unraveling of a lopsided relationship, the deconstruction of false dichotomies as glimmers of optimism are replaced by the harsh hues of clarity. As truth emerges, strange bedfellows are unmasked: threats masked as promises, oppression enabled by hope, damnation the appetizer for salvation."

Listen to Kan Wakan's "No Line" below and remind yourself of previous release "Still Feather" here.