London singer/producer Leks Rivers first caught our attention in 2015, and he impressed with an eclectic range of sounds around his Project Nomad EP in April of that year. He dropped a couple songs in 2016 but he's been silent in 2017 so far. "I went to live life," Leks explans, "but I'm back with stories to tell."

His first single of the year is a stomper, with a brassy, knee-slapper of a beat produced by Gustav Rudman to accompany Leks' lively vocals. "'Wayward Child' is about knowing of your flaws and shortcomings but coming to terms with them," Leks explained to us via email. "The song is a dialogue between me and a girl I've done wrong. Picture me singing this drunk into a wireless mic outside her first floor window, waking up the neighbours, dogs barking, and 125 Duke KTM wrapped around a tree to the side of the frame. The people can fill in the rest."‚Äč