We don't know much about Life in Sweatpants (L.I.S.) yet, but their debut track "Girls" is fantastic. It's a summery and sparkling slice of edgy pop music, a mix of jagged electronic production and crystalline vocals, and that hook is gold. L.I.S. are the latest addition to the 20XX label, and they gave us this somewhat ambiguous statement on the creation of the song.

"uhmmm...backstory is pretty boring...our first thought was: no comment.. but we argued over whether or not that makes us sound like assholes (which we're not, promise)... so we thought maybe something along the lines of -----> does anyone really know where this music stuff comes from? in reality, you're sitting at a computer fidgeting in Logic and sound comes out of the monitors (in this case a synth bass) that inspires a girl sitting on the floor behind you, who starts humming something and ta-da you've created music...  thankfully we're beyond the days of having to spend countless hours learning how to play instruments - quantize and loop that shit, set the flex pitch @ 80% and then sit back and pray that someone enjoys listening to it as much as you enjoyed creating it..."

Enjoy L.I.S.'s "Girls" below.